Couples Yoga for Beginners | Exploring the Benefits of a Meditation Retreat in the UK

Written 26th January 2022

If you’re keen to embark on a wellness journey with your loved one, why not try couples yoga for beginners?


Yoga has an endless repertoire of benefits, including improving your mental and physical wellness.


Couples yoga for beginners could be the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your body and mind. You can also tune into your partner’s rhythm, maximising the benefits for you as an individual and as a couple.


Here, we explore the benefits of embarking on a wellness yoga journey together at our meditation retreat UK:

Couple's Yoga for Beginners: Couple in the Lotus Position

Yoga Can Improve Communication For You and Your Loved One

Yoga has many different poses and moves, and so it requires good communication with your partner to practise in unison.


As you synchronise your yoga and improve your communication, you’ll also be deepening your connection off the mat.


You may find you have a better understanding of each other and clearer communication skills. This can improve both your mental wellbeing and in turn, strengthen your relationship with each other.


The Couple’s Tree Pose is similar to the original, but you stand hip-to-hip and entwine your arms that are closest together as you reach them upwards.

A Couple Practising the Tree Pose

Meditation Retreat UK: Reduce Stress

 Juggling work, social life, bills and children can sometimes feel overwhelming, so it’s important to take time out together to concentrate on yourselves.


Couples yoga for beginners, at our meditation retreat UK, can help you to spend quality time with each other, focusing on moving together and breathing deeply. 


The Sitting Breathing Pose is where you and your partner sit back-to-back, helping to improve each other’s posture. You link your arms behind you and around their stomach, and then practise breathing deeply together.  

Couple's yoga for Beginners: A Couple Practising Their Breathing Technique Together

Learning Together: Stretching, Flexibility and Balance

Stretching your body can help to improve your physical wellbeing. You’ll improve your flexibility, strength and balance through a range of poses and exercises.


Couples yoga for beginners can help you to achieve this together. If you’re both strong, healthy and independent, you can coexist in harmony throughout your life.


The Stacked Child’s Pose involves an element of trust as you support your partner’s weight. To achieve this pose, crouch face-down with your forehead on the mat. Your partner will then get into the same pose, on your back. This can help to relieve tension in your lower back and is a great way to introduce the concept of couple’s yoga. 

A Couple in the Stacked Child's Pose in Yoga

Couples Yoga for Beginners: Improve Your Bond

Exercising together is a great way to improve your bond. You’ll be spending more time together and breaking through mental barriers, helping you to share moments of success, as well as encouraging each other to stretch a little more each time.


Why not try the Double Boat Pose during your meditation retreat UK? Sit facing your partner on the floor, and put your legs up straight with your feet together. Then, reach both arms underneath and hold your partner’s hands. This helps to stretch your hamstrings and strengthen your core.

Couple's Yoga for Beginners: Double Boat Pose

Our meditation retreat UK can provide you with the perfect backdrop to embark on your journey, where you can improve your mental and physical health together.


Why not book a long weekend away to practise yoga, unwind in our spa, and spend some much-needed quality time together? Contact a member of our team to book your meditation retreat UK.


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