4 Reasons to Try Guided Meditation For Stress

Written 3rd November 2021

Are you feeling stressed?


Stress is, for most people, an inevitable part of life. While there are actions you can take to reduce stress, there will most likely be occasions where it’s difficult to avoid.


Here, we’re looking at how guided meditation for stress can help you to stay on top of it:


Guided Meditation for Stress Helps You to Stay Grounded

Too much stress can be debilitating and, often, isolating. Guided meditation for stress can help you to stay grounded and give you a new perspective. 


When you enter a meditative state, you become very aware of the present moment. You’re guided through harnessing control of your thoughts, and encouraged to use your senses to induce a deep sense of relaxation.


A large part of stress comes from focusing too much on the past and future. Many of us dwell on past experiences without thinking about it; and similarly, we feel anxiety when anticipating future events. When focusing solely on the here and now, many of our negative thoughts drift away and we become more appreciative of what’s around us.


Once you’ve mastered the art of bringing yourself back into the present moment through meditation, you can then practise it in real-life situations. 

Guided Meditation for Stress by the Sea

Guided Meditation Encourages You to Breathe Deeply

Stress can heighten your state of alertness and cause anxiety. You may find when you’re stressed that your breathing becomes rapid, short and shallow. Your heart rate will increase as it tries to keep up with your body’s reaction to the stress, and your brain will activate its fight or flight response as it recognises stress as ‘danger’.


When you concentrate on your breathing and take long, slow, deep breaths, you’ll start to feel much calmer.


Guided meditation for stress will teach you to become more aware of your breathing, and how to consciously use it as a way to remove negative thoughts. At the same time, you’ll learn how to use this technique to inhale positive energy. Naturally, our mind tends to wander – and this is, perhaps, one of the most common challenges many of us face when learning to meditate. You’ll learn how to bring your mind back to the present – and in everyday life, this technique can help to improve focus.


The next time you find yourself in a stressful situation; take some time out and breathe deeply for a few minutes until you feel calmer. This state of calm will help you to rationalise and better deal with your stress. 


Reducing Stress Can Help With Clarity

When you’re thrown a curveball, stress can take over and your mind can go into overdrive. 


Guided meditation for stress can help you take a step back from the situation. It’ll instil a sense of calm that can help you gain clarity, putting you in a much better position to deal with it.

Guided Meditation in a Group

Guided Meditation Can Encourage Patience and Productivity

Stress can often have an overbearing effect on everyday life. It can reduce motivation and make you irritable, which can have a negative impact on your plans.


Guided meditation for stress not only helps you to feel calm, but it can also help you be more patient. Patience is a quality that helps you to remain calm and view situations with compassion, empathy and understanding. 


Being patient can also help renew your energy for productivity. You’ll find you can put more time and effort into projects with less stress, and so you’ll be more proactive in moving forward with plans, ideas and activities.


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