The importance of escaping from everyday stress

Written 21st November 2019

Feelings of anxiety and stress are all too common these days. And the pressures of modern society are taking their toll on our mental and physical health. With social media now a central part of our daily lives, we are less inclined to live in the present. It’s more crucial than ever that we’re taking the time to look after our health and wellbeing.

A spa experience can provide a welcome boost to your body and mind. A relaxing pamper stimulates the release of feel-good hormones. It also reminds us to take a more mindful approach to everyday life. Calming essential oils and soft music create a highly relaxing and powerful atmosphere, allowing you to release feelings of tension.

When it comes to activities that you can partake in to relieve the stresses of everyday life, there are a number out there. From hydrotherapy activities to fitness and relaxing massages, releasing stress can be less stressful than you’d think!

Escape stress with hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has incredible effects on your body, stimulating the release of toxins that constantly enter it. Immersing our bodies in water can help to restore physiological and mental equilibrium, as well as help with fat loss. Water therapy can also help to reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and boost the immune system. This leaves the body in better condition to fight infection and fatigue.

Engaging in water-based activities has been shown to have a positive impact on your mental health. By taking some time to relax in a hot tub or steam room, you can more easily focus on the present and practice a little mindfulness.

Hotel pool surrounded by comfortable seating. Ideal setting to escape stress.

Massage treatments

Massage treatments work wonders for the body, particularly when enjoyed in combination with water therapies. Massages work to drain lactic acid from the muscles, which helps to improve overall circulation and blood flow. They also help by releasing toxins and waste for a deep internal cleanse. Depending on the massage chosen, specific areas of the body can be targeted. This is particularly useful for muscle injuries, strain and swelling. Whichever massage you choose, you’ll experience a sense of true internal harmony that will leave you better able to cope with the stresses of daily life.

At Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa, Stratford upon-Avon, we use Decléor products and 100% pure essential oils. This ensures the best results for your relaxation and physical health. Expert massage techniques are combined with a fully personalised approach to target a variety of different skin types. Our spa brochure offers a range of therapies to suit all areas of the body. We also provide specifically targeted treatments for hydration, anti-aging or for mums-to-be who would benefit from a little TLC.

Lady opening a spa brochure that's full with treatments designed to relieve stress.

Leisure time to reduce stress

Exercising and keeping active helps to release a multitude of stresses and positive hormones, such as endorphins. Activities can include cardiovascular workouts such as running and swimming, or strength-based exercises such as yoga and weight-training. Working with a personal trainer who can create a plan, tailored exactly to your needs, can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Setting yourself achievable goals and working hard to meet them can have a massive impact on reducing stress. And investing in a leisure membership and forming a bespoke fitness regime can provide you with the perfect way to start.


What stress busting techniques have you tried recently?