Luxury Hotel in Warwickshire | Behind the Scenes with Our Bedding Suppliers, Gailarde and Hypnos

Written 9th November 2021

Luxury Bedding

What’s important to you when it comes to your sleep habits?

A good nights’ sleep is vital for our mental wellbeing, overall health, and ability to function in everyday life, and the right bedding is an important contributing factor for a restful slumber.

As a hotel, sleep is one of the most important components of our guests’ stay, and so it’s important that we get it right.

So, we spoke with our bedding suppliers, Gailarde and Hypnos, to discover the benefits of the bedding they’ve supplied to our luxury hotel in Warwickshire:

Luxury Hotel in Warwickshire: Tips for a Good Nights’ Sleep

Gailarde said: “The secret to a good nights’ sleep starts with the mattress and follows with pillows and a duvet that complement each other perfectly.  


“Our feather products (pillows and duvets) offer luxury and comfort in conjunction with longevity. Each room at Billesley Manor offers both our soft and firm pillows, meaning each guest can use whichever they prefer to ensure a restful night’s sleep.


“We’ve supplied Billesley Manor with pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and pillow protectors to help contribute to the guests’ sleep experience.


Hypnos said: “Sleeping in a bed that is suited to your needs is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have a quality night’s sleep. As well as focusing on comfort, you should also take into account the supportiveness of the mattress and the size of the bed.


“There are some practical steps you can take too, such as regulating your bedtime routine and sleeping pattern, creating a tech-free zone by switching off devices and gadgets before you go to sleep and keeping your bedroom quiet, cool (ideally 18 degrees) and completely dark. This can help you to create the ideal conditions for restful sleep.

“We’ve supplied Billesley Manor with; our most luxurious mattress – the Lansdowne Cashmere mattress – with Classic Bed Bases and Flexi Bases.”

Luxury Hotel in Warwickshire: Bedroom Suite

Luxury Hotel in Warwickshire: How Bedding Can Regulate Body Temperature                                                          

Being too hot or too cold can impact your ability to fall asleep, and can disrupt your sleep cycle. So, it’s important to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and use products that will aid in keeping you comfortable.


Gailarde said: “Feather and Down products naturally help regulate the body’s temperature, so you’re less likely to overheat or feel too cold, easing you into a deep and restful sleep. 


“Feather products are cleansed and purified during the manufacturing process, which helps with any allergies or skin problems; for example, it reduces the risk of irritating eczema.


“We discussed which products would work best with the management team and designers, who take the lead when it comes to creating the perfect sleep experience – and have 18 years of experience in supplying bedding to many different hotels, including 5-star hotels. 


“Finding the right sleep aids for each hotel is about working to balance the 3 main components: aesthetics, comfort and longevity.”


The Importance of a Good Mattress

All of our Hypnos hospitality mattresses are specifically designed to minimise pressure points on the body; this offers complete comfort and support for the guest sleeping on it.


“The design of our beds means that the independent movement of each pocket spring allows the mattress to mould itself to the sleeper’s body, leading to a natural alignment of the spine and healthy back support.


“In addition, its supportive structure and network of springs help to alleviate tension and increase blood circulation, allowing muscles to relax; this can contribute to a truly restful night’s sleep for guests.


“The comfort fibres and fabric cover of the mattress are key components that work together to create the perfect climate for true quality sleep. 

“We believe it’s incredibly important to opt for natural fibres where possible, such as wool. These are not only sustainable, but they are also comfortable, supportive, and breathable too. Wool is great for regulating body temperature thus ensuring your guests don’t overheat.

“Unlike synthetic materials made using chemicals – such as foam, which can make you hot in the night and aren’t easily recycled at the end of their life – natural fibres are the most efficient materials to promote healthy airflow, help regulate body temperature and thereby help to reduce body moisture in the process.

“Cashmere is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fibres in the world. Its fibres are much finer than wool, so it feels softer to touch, and, although it’s lighter in weight, it has greater insulating properties.

“Like wool, cashmere helps regulate body temperature which aides a good nights’ sleep. Our Lansdowne Cashmere mattress combines cashmere and wool for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Comfortable Bedding at Billesley Manor

Prioritising Comfort and Sustainability 

Hypnos said: “We’re proud to be a Royal Warrant holder and are delighted to have achieved The Queen’s Award for Enterprise on multiple occasions, firstly for International Trade in 2017 and most recently for Sustainable Development in 2020. 


“As the go-to name in sleep comfort, we’re trusted with providing the key component to the all-important perfect nights’ sleep at hotels around the globe. HCB is an industry leader when it comes to matters of sustainability and the environment, and we pride ourselves on producing beds that are 100% recyclable and never need to go to landfills as a result.


“As the pioneer of sustainable bed making, we were the first carbon-neutral bedmakers in the world and, as a company, we ensure our timber is sourced from managed forests.


“Billesley Manor chose a mattress specification that would provide ultimate comfort and luxury for their guests and support their mission to provide the ‘very best in sleep in the UK’.


“Handcrafted in the UK, the Lansdowne Cashmere mattress is upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of wool, cashmere and eOlus™ sustainable fibre, helping to effectively regulate body temperature to ensure a great night’s sleep.”


Luxury Hotel in Warwickshire: Other Hotels Using Gailarde and Hypnos

“Gailarde has historically supplied hotels such as Marriott Park Lane, Mandarin Oriental, Café Royal, Gleneagles, The Ritz and Balmoral, to name a few.”


Hypnos said: “Our list of hospitality clients ranges from large international hotel groups and spa and vacation properties to independent boutique hotels, serviced apartments and private members’ clubs. We’ve built successful partnerships with hotel clients such as Soho House, Corinthia, The Goring, St Moritz Hotel, and most recently the first Pan Pacific Hotel in London.


Here at Billesley, we’re delighted with our new bedding; if you’ve visited, we’d love to hear your feedback on your sleep experience. You can contact us via our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A bedroom at Billesley Manor

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