The Rise of Maskne: How You Can Care For Your Skin at Home During the Pandemic

Written 16th October 2020

There is no questioning the fact that due to the current global crisis, we’re all getting used to a new way of living. From social distancing to wearing masks, the ‘new norm’ is changing our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined.


Wearing masks frequently has, no doubt, come with its own problems; particularly for those with health conditions like asthma. But what is undoubtedly an associated issue is the onset of ‘maskne’ – mask-induced acne, which affects the lower half of the face.


For those already suffering with acne and spots, mask wearing is less than ideal – but even those of us not prone to acne are being affected.


Just as we do between seasons, it’s important that we start thinking about making changes to our skincare routine, so that our skin can adapt to this new way of living.


If you’re struggling with maskne, consider trying these at-home remedies:


Cleanse Your Skin Twice a Day

If there’s ever a time to remind yourself to cleanse twice a day, it’s now. Whilst wearing a mask, bacteria gets trapped between your skin and the fabric; and as a consequence, those of you that wear masks for a large portion of the day may notice more instances of spots. One of the best ways you can deal with this is by cleansing your face twice a day to rid your pores of impurities. It’s important to remember, though, that we are heading towards winter – so be sure to stay away from drying cleansers.


This cleansing milk by Decleor removes impurities whilst hydrating the skin; perfect for a moisturising detox and for treating maskne.

Skin products by a spa treatment bed


Don’t Forget to Wash Your Mask

If worn several times without being washed, masks can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s recommended that those who own fabric reusable masks wash them once a day, after use – and we’d agree, too, from a skincare perspective. You can wash them by hand in hot, soapy water, or put them in the washing machine if you have one available.


Make Sure Your Mask Fits You Properly

When choosing the right mask for you, consider how it fits. If it’s too tight, your pores are significantly more likely to trap bacteria, thus potentially causing an outbreak of spots. You may even find that making your own mask, if that’s available to you, is the best way to source one that fits your particular face shape.


Combat Maskne by Shifting Your Make-Up Routine

If you wear make up, it may be time to start rethinking how you apply it. It’s believed that wearing make-up underneath a mask can make us more prone to spots – so, if you can, consider skimping on the foundation on the lower half of your face, and perhaps focus more on eye makeup.


Try At-Home Natural Skin Treatments

If your skin is looking a little red and angry, you could try some at-home treatments to calm it down. Decleor’s Green Mandarin Glow Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub Mask not only removes dead skin cells and impurities; it also revives the skin, giving it a smooth surface that glows.


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Try a Three-Step Cleansing Routine if You Haven’t Already

For minimal acne and a glowing base, it’s always ideal to complete a daily three-step cleansing ritual. For those that don’t already do this, now is the perfect time to give it a go. Starting with a wash off cleanser, like this one from Decleor, wash your face until all makeup is removed, and you are left with a clear base. Then, with a cotton pad, swipe a skin toner like this one across your face; this will balance out your skin tone, tighten pores to prevent spots and remove any excess oil. Finally, add moisture back to the skin with a hydrating moisturiser. Doing this twice per day, if you can, will give your skin the best chance of forming a protective barrier so that it can withstand mask wearing.


The circumstances that we are all currently facing can take their toll on our health and wellbeing. Now, more than ever, is the best time to treat your mind and body to a nourishing treatment; whether that be a professional facial, or a health-boosting, muscle-relaxing body massage. To find out about our wellbeing offerings, see our spa menu.