Your Romantic Wedding Destination: 5 Reasons to Choose Stratford-upon-Avon

Written 2nd October 2020

For many engaged couples, the year we’ve had so far certainly hasn’t offered the romantic escape they hoped for. With many ceremonies being postponed or downsized, newlyweds have had no choice but to adapt their plans around the unexpected pandemic. 

Despite the difficult year that the wedding industry has had, we can still focus our efforts and excitement towards the fresh start that we hope 2021 will offer. And although we aren’t currently living through idyllic circumstances at the moment, the magic is never lost in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Whether you’re looking to hold a small ceremony some time in the coming months, or you’ve postponed your ceremony until normality returns, here’s why you should consider Stratford-upon-Avon for your 2021 romantic wedding destination. 

Delve into Stratford-upon-Avon’s Romantic History 

It’s no secret that with its rich heritage, Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the most romantic towns in the UK. Being the proud birthplace of Shakespeare, many visitors look to visit this magical place to discover more about his personal life and the romantic inspiration behind his work.

From National Trust sites that offer an exclusive look into Shakespeare’s home, to the cobbled, narrow streets of Stratford-upon-Avon town centre, natural beauty combines with rich culture and history to offer the perfect romantic wedding destination. 

At Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa, we are proud to be one of the most romantic locations in Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare himself spent much of his time at our venue, and it’s believed that he penned his famous play ‘As You Like It’ on our very grounds. Incorporating all the best aspects of this special town, we’ve combined the hotel’s traditional wooden architecture with modern, contemporary design, so that it offers a comfortable retreat that’s reflective of its surroundings. 


Beautiful Scenery and Manicured Gardens 

Stratford-upon-Avon isn’t just recognised for its beautiful historic architecture. Being located at the edge of the Cotswolds, it benefits from stunning scenery and fresh countryside air, which you’ll find in abundance within the town itself – and increasingly so further afield. 

At Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa, our grounds are our pride and joy, and we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by acres of greenery. To make the most of it, we wanted to create an irresistible outdoor retreat – so, we transformed our green space into beautiful manicured gardens that create the perfect backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies


Quaint Streets and Historical Architecture 

Those who have visited Stratford-upon-Avon will, no doubt, have its quaint, cobblestone streets ingrained in their memories. Stratford’s passionate residents, over the years, have retained its historical architecture, keeping Stratford-upon-Avon a hidden treasure that, to this day, maintains strong connections with its famous past as William Shakespeare’s hometown. 

Stratford-upon-Avon’s cultural heritage, reflected in the town’s aesthetics, makes for the ideal romantic wedding destination. Romantic and picturesque, the narrow streets, archaic buildings and plentiful countryside offer the perfect escape – and, of course, beautiful backdrops for those all-important wedding photographs. 

Located in the Heart of the Cotswolds 

Ever famous for quintessential, cobbled streets and honey-coloured stone, and all surrounded by beautiful scenic views, the Cotswolds offer what can only be described as a dream location for weddings. 

Located at the heart of the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon combines the best bits of a truly historical Cotswolds town with the beauty of the surrounding greenery to create the ultimate romantic retreat.

A Deeply Loved, Treasured and Protected Town 

Most of all, Stratford’s culture and heritage has barely been touched by its residents over the years. Despite its popularity as a place to live and visit, it has remained awe-strikingly beautiful – all thanks to the dedication of its residents in protecting its historical architecture and surrounding foliage. 

At Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa, we have taken much of the same approach in developing our infrastructure. Having recently undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment, we wanted to retain heavy focus on Stratford-upon-Avon’s heritage, creating a running theme from our grounds, all the way into the town centre. Now, our contemporary design combines Early Modern architecture with plush textures and furnishings, and, of course, a Shakesperian theme throughout. 

We’d love to welcome you through our doors. If you’d like to come and see us, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.