What makes Billesley Manor hotel the most romantic wedding venue in Stratford-upon-Avon?

Written 19th February 2020

Entering its third millennium, the first mention of Billesley Manor was in 705 AD. In the intervening centuries, Billesley Manor Hotel has evolved into the fascinating country house and wedding venue Stratford-Upon-Avon you see today. The iconic history of our Shakespearean manor home, combined with the romantic features inside and throughout the grounds, Billesley Manor provides the most perfect setting to say “I do”. And here are a few reasons why we believe that to be true.


Billesley Manor as a wedding venue: Our 100-year-old Topiary Garden


Our Topiary Garden at Billesley Manor takes inspiration from the giant chess pieces featured in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The romanticisms of this classic tale are not lost. The Topiary Garden, built from yew trees, provides ample space to bask in the serenity of post-vow bliss.


And if a summer wedding beckons and our beautiful, British weather allows for it, reciting your vows and hosting your ceremony within the Topiary Garden itself is also an option.

Exterior of Topiary Garden at Billesley Manor wedding venue.

Over 2000 years of history


When you spend the night here, you are sleeping where several significant historical events occurred.


Billesley Manor was home to one of the most highly regarded ancient surnames of England, the Trussell’s. Owned by them for 400 years, folklore has it that a servant to the family was responsible for bringing the ‘Black Death’ from London to the village on a coat he had stolen. In those days the village population was around just 26!


Towards the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Robert Lee, Lord Mayor of London bought the estate.  He was responsible for much of the existing south façade, together with some fine interior woodwork. During the period of the reformation, Billesley was an area of much activity. Many secret staircases and corridors existed, and one remains in one of our Four Poster rooms, leading to the priest hole above the fireplace.


After that, the Manor House passed through many hands and sadly fell into disrepair. However, during the early 20th century the Honourable Charles Hanbury Tracey, Fifth Baron of Sudeley, began to refurbish the house. He was the inspiration behind the building of the present main entrance and hallway.

Exterior of Billesley Manor wedding venue, shot of doorway.


Shakespeare put pen to paper within the very walls


It’s thought that William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at All Saints Church at the end of the driveway to the manor. He’s also rumoured to have scribed some of his most notable works at the manor.

We know Shakespeare was a frequent visitor to the manor and used the library to put pen to paper. It was here that Shakespeare wrote ‘As You like It’, with the famous line ‘all the world’s a stage’.


Be Lord and Lady of the manor for the day at our wedding venue

Billesley Manor wedding venue Stratford upon-Avon attracts many couples, as they can walk in the footsteps of these historic and important people. It also gives them the opportunity to be Lord and Lady of their very own manor for the day, with our exclusive use package offering total seclusion for you and your guests throughout your special day.

Interior of Billesley Manor wedding venue, with wedding decor.

You can find more information about Billesley Manor and the wedding packages we have on offer here:

Weddings at Billesley Manor Hotel

As the most romantic wedding venue in Stratford-upon-Avon, we take great pride in what we do – and we’re incredibly proud of the weddings we host. If you’re looking to hire a wedding venue in Stratford-upon-Avon to tie the knot, Billesley Manor wedding venue awaits your arrival. Check out the video below for a look at what your romantic day could entail, or drop us a line to find out more.