Top 5 trends for 2020 weddings

Written 8th January 2020

Year by year, wedding trends and designs continue to evolve. A typical 90’s wedding is likely to look very different to what you’d find today; from the venue itself, to the intricate details of bridal wear. Generally, 2018 and 2019 weddings were very bohemian and minimalism focused. 2020 ceremonies, however, are set to reintroduce styles that featured at the weddings of the previous generation.


So, what can we expect to see at weddings as we enter the next decade?

Bride and groom in outdoor wedding ceremony.


Environmental awareness has gained traction at weddings in the past couple of years. This is primarily due to the state of our current climate. As we enter 2020, brides and grooms are expected to use recycled materials for the most intricate details. This could be wedding invitations and place cards, to the confetti itself. Many weddings, like that of Princess Eugenie, are also edging towards plastic-free ceremonies, aiming to only use materials that are biodegradable.


2. Wedding cakes

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a whole range of cake styles. Some have opted for multicoloured three-tiered wedding cakes, whilst others have chosen minimalist, ‘naked’ style cakes. As we enter 2020, we can expect to see a marriage of these two styles, with tiered cakes featuring natural, dried flowers, foliage and botanical themes. Many couples are also expected to opt for geometric and mosaic designs with pops of colour. This can create a striking cake that acts as a statement piece. We’re also expecting to see more experimentation with unique flavours, as well as a hand-made touch – such as pastel brush strokes on the exterior.


3. The wedding dress

90s weddings commonly saw brides in ‘princess’ style dresses, with puffed sleeves and long veils. In previous years, many brides have opted to go without the veil, converging to more minimalist styles, with lace detailing. In 2020, brides will be ditching the lace, reverting back to the ‘princess’ style – but with tighter-fitting sleeves. We’re also set to see the return of the veil, which is most certainly a timeless accessory of any wedding dress.

Bride in her wedding dress.

Wedding dresses have typically been white over the years. In 2020, though, we may see more experimentation with colour and embroidery. Some brides may opt for blush, cashmere or ginger hues, and veils are set to become a statement piece.


4. Venue décor

Wedding photography and videography has become a huge part of weddings, with brides and grooms keen to capture their day for future memories. Now, though, with the advancement of technology, couples are getting more experimental. Many are opting for ‘photo booths’ and themed wedding videos. In 2020, we can expect to see woodland-themed backdrops and featured walls for photographs, with fairy-tale touches to the overall décor to offer an element of escapism.

Bride at her wedding, walking down the aisle; shot from above.

5. Flowers

As we enter the new year, wedding bouquets are set to be even more sustainability focused. Brides may choose to opt for florists that provide locally grown, seasonal flowers – and others may even grow their own blooms. Bouquets and garlands will feature a mixture of fresh, dried and wild flowers, with brides hiding personal, meaningful items amongst the flora for added sentiment.


It’s always exciting to explore where the wedding industry will go in the coming year – from fashion trends, to more sustainable weddings. At Billesley Manor, we can’t wait to see these newly found trends emerge.


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