How to Plan a Second Wedding You’ll Never Forget

Written 21st November 2019

Getting married for a second or third time is often a different experience than a first marriage. Many people look back at their first wedding as the main event, with intricate details and a large number of guests. The second wedding is often a smaller affair, focusing simply on the prospect of becoming husband and wife.

If you’re planning for a second wedding, there are steps you can take to make it different from your first, but equally – if not more – magical.


Bride and groom exchanging vows at wedding ceremony.

Use your wedding experience to your advantage

It’s inevitable that, when planning your first ceremony, you’re probably going to have high expectations. You may also be unaware of hiccups that occur along the way. Having already experienced this, whilst planning your second, you’ll know the potential pitfalls that can crop up. In response, you can take preventative measures. You’ll also have a better idea of timings, budget, and the things that are worth splurging and saving on. Take some time to think about what you learned the first time around, and apply this to your wedding planning.

Purchase new wedding accessories

As a bride or groom, you should aim to purchase new accessories to symbolise this new stage in your life. You’ll be better off leaving out items that you wore at your first wedding and starting fresh. If you’re the blushing bride, try opting for a dress with a different style and material, or perhaps a different colour. It’s your second wedding, so you certainly don’t need to stick to the conventional – you can go as creative as you’d like.


Wedding reception set-up with colourful flowers.

Integrate your family in the marriage ceremony

At your second ceremony, you have the advantage of inviting your children to become a more integral part of the ceremony. Some brides like to ask their children to accompany them down the aisle, or even ask them to take on the role of the officiant. This adds a truly special touch to the ceremony – something that you likely won’t have had at your first wedding.

Relieve yourself of unnecessary stress

You and your partner aren’t likely to be the only ones taking a more relaxed approach. Your guests will most likely be understanding of your desire for a quieter affair, and you can most certainly take advantage of this. For example, don’t worry about gift lists if you feel that you have everything you need; just focus on what’s important to you.

You really can customise your wedding to exactly how you’d like it, but it’s highly likely that, with your previous experience, you know what you want. No matter how large or small your wedding, try to make your second wedding unique to you and your partner.

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