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Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon | Meet the Team: Laura Cherrington

Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon | Meet the Team: Laura Cherrington

Why are our team integral to our luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon? At Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa, we recognise that our dedicated team are a key contributor to our hotel’s success. Our incredible Director of Sales and Marketing, Laura Cherrington, is no exception. Read on to discover Laura’s inspirational journey within the hospitality sector:
Luxury Hotel in Stratford upon Avon | A headshot image of Laura

Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon | Introducing Laura

Laura Cherrington has been a valued member of our Billesley team for the past 3 years.

She initially started her career as a receptionist in a big hotel in Stratford, before taking a break to raise her two children. Following an unprecedented tragedy in 2012, Laura’s outlook on life completely changed. She decided to focus on self-improvement, channelling her energy into climbing the career ladder and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. 

Her resilience and past experiences have helped her to grow both personally and professionally — with her now working as an extremely capable and talented Director of Sales and Marketing here at Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa.

Luxury Hotel in Stratford upon Avon | The beautiful setting of Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa

Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon | Laura’s Main Duties and Responsibilities

Working at a luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon comes with an array of responsibilities.

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Laura’s main duties cover a multitude of administrative, social and planning aspects. 

Discussing her role, Laura said: “In a nutshell, it’s my job to make the phones ring through all sectors of the business — including spa, bedrooms, events, meetings and weddings. 

“I have to be creative and offer different events, such as a gin festival, murder mysteries, and so on.  I also look after our social pages and ‘shop windows’, like our website and”

Luxury Hotel in Stratford upon Avon | An image of Laura at the wedding fayre

Luxury Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon | A Day in the Life of Laura

It’s no secret that no two days are the same when working in a luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon! Laura’s routine varies on a daily basis, ranging from networking events to featuring on a live Instagram feed. 

Speaking of her role’s flexibility, Laura said: “There’s no such thing as a typical day for me. My role is very forward-thinking, so I’m already planning Christmas 2023!”

Being both driven and motivated, Laura has thrived in her role as Director of  Sales and Marketing. 

Discussing the inspiration behind her strong work ethic, Laura said: “I spent a few years as a single parent and wanted to be an inspiration to my children, and be a role model that you work hard to play hard. Having a text from my daughter to say she was proud of me was possibly my biggest achievement to date.”

An image of the afternoon tea offering at Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa

The Perks of Working in Hospitality

Like many others, Laura initially ‘fell’ into working in hospitality — but ended up loving it! 

Reflecting on her experiences, Laura recalls various uplifting customer stories from working at our luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon.

She said: “The delaying of Covid weddings was hard, but to see weddings eventually come to fruition was so rewarding. Love is at the heart of what we do, and I’ve seen proposals lead to weddings and then babies. It’s so heartwarming.”

Working in Hospitality | Our team making drinks at the bar

Advice for Those Considering a Career in Hospitality

Working in hospitality can be exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.

Alongside this, there are many opportunities for career growth, as reflected in Laura’s journey to Director of Sales and Marketing.

When asked if she has advice for someone considering a career in hospitality, Laura responded: “The opportunities are endless, so make sure you’re aware you will have to put in the groundwork to reap the rewards. No two days are the same, so expect the unexpected… and always with a smile on your face!”

If you’re interested in finding out more about our luxury hotel in Stratford Upon Avon, or our career opportunities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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