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5 ways towards a sustainable lifestyle

5 ways towards a sustainable lifestyle

Are you keen to do your bit to promote eco-friendly living? At Billesley Manor, we’re putting in the work with new features and eco-friendly initiatives with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our planet. 

Get an electric vehicle

Electric vehicle use is a strong example of sustainable living, but a nationwide lack of charging points means that it’s not always possible to embark on long journeys. To help you make the most of your electric vehicle and travel more sustainably, we have become a member of the Chargepoint family. Chargepoint plans to deploy 2.5 million electric vehicle charging stations by 2025 to reduce harmful emissions, and has supplied us with several of our own electric vehicle charging stations. The integration of Chargepoint charging stations at Billesley Manor has allowed us to provide spaces for your electric vehicles when visiting us, so you don’t have to compromise your sustainable lifestyle during your stay. To find out more about our charging stations, just contact a member of our team.

Switch off and let natural light into the room

Did you know that if you turn off the lights during the day or when you leave a room, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions Although it only seems like a small change, turning off your lights is an integral part of a sustainable lifestyle. You’re not only reducing the use of non-renewable resources, but also lowering emissions and reducing the cost of your energy bill.

Support the Local Wildlife

The bugs and creatures that inhabit our countryside are a part of the important processes of pollination and the decomposition of waste, but they can’t thrive without an undisturbed environment of wildflowers and grass. Here at Billesley Manor, we’ve created a “No Mow Zone” with the goal of creating a home for these creatures to maintain a consistent ecosystem. As part of a sustainable lifestyle, it may be an idea to set aside a piece of land to benefit these creatures in your own back garden, allowing you to not only feel good for helping the environment, but to enjoy the wildflowers that will grow and watch nature in action.

Grow your own produce

You may not realise it, but much of the food you buy travels distances in lorries, planes and boats to reach your local supermarket. On the journey to your plate, these vehicles are pumping out harmful chemicals into our environment, increasing your carbon footprint. To combat this, why not take a leaf out of our book and grow your own? Here at Billesley, we’ve created a kitchen garden that reduces our carbon footprint as well as providing fresh and delicious produce to our kitchen. Why not create one yourself and get ready to enjoy the benefits of fresh food and a sustainable lifestyle?

Travel by bicycle

One of the most prominent threats to our environment is the harmful CO2 gas that hundreds of cars pump out every day. A step in the right direction for a sustainable lifestyle is as simple as taking the bus or a bike instead of a car. By taking the bus with other people, the amount of CO2 emitted is reduced as there are less vehicles on the road. However, if you’re interested in personal health as well as sustainable living, travelling by bike offers the best of both worlds, reducing CO2 emissions and helping you to keep fit and healthy. For ideas on how to improve and maintain your sustainable lifestyle, come and visit us at Billesley Manor to utilise the electric vehicle charging stations, see our No Mow Zone and get inspiration at our kitchen garden! Contact a member of the team for more information.


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