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6 ways to manage stress

6 ways to manage stress

Are you keen to discover some helpful ways to manage stress? Juggling responsibilities, such as home and work commitments, can sometimes be overwhelming, which can leave you feeling stressed.

Take time out for yourself.

When you’re balancing work and home life, you may spend all your time making sure you meet everyone else’s needs, without thinking about your own. This can cause a build-up of stress and leave you feeling exhausted, so it’s important to take time out for yourself to help refill your resources. Self-care is vital when it comes to managing your stress. You could set aside half an hour each day to unwind in a candlelit bath or catch up on your favourite book, or you might prefer to go for a refreshing walk or relax in your garden. Self-care looks different for everyone, but it’s essential to take the time to concentrate on yourself for a little while.

Practice yoga and breathing exercises.

Learning to take long, deep breaths can help to refocus your mind and slow your heart rate. Yoga is great for learning new breathing techniques, and the stretching involved can help you to feel calm and relaxed. The gentle pace of yoga can help you to concentrate on being present and let go of your worries and stress. Why not come along to a session in our yoga hut to help you get started?

Do a workout.

When you’re feeling stressed, working out may be the last thing on your mind. Exercise, however, stimulates the production of endorphins – a chemical in your brain that helps you to feel good. They also help to reduce your perception of pain and reduce feelings of stress. Next time you’re feeling stressed, instead of heading to the sofa with a blanket, change into your gym wear and head to the gym. The workout will not only help you to feel better, but it can also help promote a better sleep cycle. A lack of sleep can cause tiredness and irritability, contributing to your stress, so encouraging a healthy sleep pattern can help to improve your mood.

Book a relaxing weekend away (at Billesley Manor).

If you’re feeling stressed, consider booking a weekend away so you can discover new places and concentrate on yourself and your loved ones. Whilst you’re away, you may benefit from spending time outdoors in the fresh air. Take a pair of walking boots with you and discover your new surroundings.

Indulge in a spa retreat.

During periods of intense stress, you may start to suffer from back, neck and/or shoulder aches and pains, since tension is often carried in your back. If you’re looking for ways to manage stress, we recommend booking in for a deep tissue massage to help work out the knots and relieve any tension. Why not make a weekend of it and book yourself a spa retreathere at Billesley Manor? You can choose from a variety of relaxing treatments and spend some time in the pool, sauna and steam room to help you de-stress.

Spend quality time with loved ones.

Though you may see your loved ones regularly, it may not always be quality time. Try to arrange regular date nights, family games nights, or weekends away with your friends, to ensure you spend quality time with each other. Use this time to unplug from your electronic devices and invest time in just being together.


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