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Responsible Tourism | Discover 6 Ways You Can Travel Ethically

Responsible Tourism | Discover 6 Ways You Can Travel Ethically

Responsible tourism is making conscious decisions when travelling, in order to minimise harmful effects on the environment and support local communities. At Billesley Manor, we appreciate the importance of sustainability, and aim to practise this where possible. In honour of World Tourism Day, we’re exploring 6 ways to make travelling more ethical…
World Tourism Day for Responsible Tourism

World Tourism Day | Responsible Tourism

World Tourism Day is an annual event that occurs on the 27th September. 

The aim of this event is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community, and to show the effects this has across the world on economic, social, cultural and political values. 

The theme of World Tourism Day this year is ‘tourism and green investment’.

Following the effect of Covid-19 on the tourism industry, targeted investment is the priority to benefit both people and prosperity.

Investing in tourism helps to promote sustainable practices and protect the environment which, in turn, encourages tourists to contribute towards economic and social development.

Public Transport for Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism | Travelling Sustainably 

Opting to use public transport, such as bus or train, is a great way to lower air pollution — and your carbon footprint. This also produces few gas emissions, which has a lower environmental impact. 

Using means of public transport can also help to reduce traffic congestion, which minimises noise disturbances and creates a smoother traffic flow. 

Public transport is a way to take environmental responsibility and contribute towards sustainable travel, whilst supporting the local economy. 

At Billesley Manor, we’re fortunate to have great local transport links, making it easy to travel to our hotel sustainably. The Moovit app offers free maps and live schedules, helping you plan your route with ease. 

Startford-upon-Avon Responsible Tourism

Supporting Local Business Through Responsible Tourism

Making the conscious choice to use a local business over a chain brand is a great way to travel responsibly. 

By staying in local, independent hotels, such as Billesley Manor, over large international chains, you’re helping to keep money in local businesses, which drives the economy.

It has great benefits for you, too, as independent hotels can often provide you with a more personalised and authentic experience!. 

Fostering strong connections with the local community, independent hotels can utilise nearby suppliers and recommend environmentally friendly activities to make your stay more sustainable. 

At Billesley Manor, we try to source ingredients and products as locally as possible, to help reduce air miles and maintain our sustainability practices. 

Reducing single waste plastic

Reducing Waste

We’re focusing on reducing plastic pollution within the hotel, but there are some great ways you can reduce your single-use plastic consumption, too. 

For example, using a reusable water bottle/travel mug when you stop for a drink on your journey is a great way to minimise your waste. It’s also a great idea to visit a refillable store to stock up on your travel toiletries, rather than buying miniatures. 

A reduction in plastic use contributes towards decreasing plastic in oceans and landfills, along with conserving valuable resources used to produce plastic.

Whether you’re at home or in a hotel, it’s good practice to turn off lights and electricity sources when they’re not in use to reduce energy consumption, and turn off the taps to help conserve water.

At Billesley Manor, we’re actively encouraging guests to re-use their towels rather than putting them out for laundry every day, as this helps us continue our efforts to minimise our water and electricity consumption.

Cycling in the forest responsible travel

Responsible Tourism | Respect for the Environment

When exploring the local area, why not opt for eco-friendly activities?

This can include hiking, cycling and wildlife tours. Sticking to designated paths allows you to discover the beauty of nature, while minimising harmful effects to the environment and preserving wildlife.

The ‘no trace principle’ encourages responsibility and conservation of the natural environment. You can do this by taking rubbish home with you, and leaving the environment how you found it. This not only helps to protect the land, but also to conserve the beauty of the natural landscapes.

Charing point at Billesley Manor Responsible Tourism

How Sustainability at Billesley Manor Promotes Responsible Tourism

At Billesley Manor, we appreciate the importance of knowing where all of our produce comes from for our restaurants, bar and garden. 

Our lamb, poultry and beef is locally sourced in the Cotswolds, and our gin is produced in the nearby Shakespeare Distillery

Supporting local businesses is important to us, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a sense of community as well as economic development. 

We even have our own kitchen garden, growing a selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to use in our dishes, while reducing our carbon footprint.

With four electric vehicle charging points available at Billesley Manor, you can ensure you are travelling sustainably. 

Protect our Planet | Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism plays a vital role in preserving our planet. By consciously making eco-friendly and sustainable travel choices, we can work to minimise negative impacts on the environment. 

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