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Hospitality Work: The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Hospitality

Hospitality Work: The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Hospitality

Are you considering hospitality work? There are a host of benefits and advantages to pursuing a career in hospitality, from progression opportunities to skill development and training. Check out our blog to discover why working in this industry could be the right career move for you:
Hospitality Work at Billesley Manor

Diverse Job Opportunities Through Hospitality Work

Hospitality work can provide you with a range of diverse job opportunities.

In a front-of-house position, your duties can range from greeting and checking guests in at the front desk, to taking on a serving or bartending role.

These customer facing positions allow you to interact directly with guests, and provide you with the opportunity to build interpersonal skills and engage with people from different backgrounds.

You also have the potential to earn tips and gratuities through your customer service skills, which can significantly boost your income beyond your base salary.

Working in hospitality also allows you the chance to explore back-of-house roles, such as kitchen-based positions, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. 

This diversity allows you to explore different areas of the business, helping you find a position that aligns with your skills and interests.

Dining Hospitality Work

Career Paths and Development Through Hospitality Work

A role in hospitality work can offer a range of potential career paths. 

This diverse industry covers hotels, restaurants, resorts, event planning, and much more, meaning skills you learn can be transferred to a range of occupations.

Being exposed to different roles can help you understand areas you may want to specialise in, and provides you with the chance to explore this. 

At Billesley Manor, we provide our staff with comprehensive training courses and development programmes to support you with your career progression.

Benefits of Working in a Fast-Paced Hospitality Work Environment

Hospitality work creates a consistent, fast-paced environment and can provide you with a constant stream of challenges.

The pace of hospitality keeps you engaged and can make your work exciting and dynamic, preventing monotony.

Dealing with unexpected challenges and the consistent need for rapid decision-making can also help to enhance your problem-solving skills; you’ll learn to think on your feet and adapt to various scenarios.

This environment also encourages strong time management skills, such as learning to prioritise tasks and effectively managing your time to help you juggle tasks simultaneously.

Discounted Room Rates Benefits of Hospitality Work

Advantages of a Role in Hospitality

Many hospitality employers offer employee discounts on accommodation, dining and other services available.

These discounts can have advantages in your personal life and provide you with perks outside of work. At Billesley Manor, we offer our staff a host of employee benefits such as; 

  • Food while on shift;
  • Uniform;
  • Employee discount at all Bespoke Hotels;
  • Family and Friends discount;
  • Free, on-site parking;
  • Access to Bespoke training and management programme;
  • DSE users free eye tests;
  • Discounts to our collaborated partners, such as RSC and Shakespeare Distillery;
  • Staff appreciation days;
  • Pay day treats;
  • Employee of the month.
Bar Hospitality Work

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Hospitality work can also provide flexible working hours and schedules, which is particularly beneficial for students and individuals who may have other commitments.

You can build a schedule that suits your lifestyle, helping you achieve a positive work-life balance.

For example, you could work overnight on the front desk, early mornings in the kitchen, afternoons with housekeeping, or evenings and weekends at the bar; whichever hours you need, you’re sure to find in hospitality work!

Reception Work

Skill Development | Hospitality Work

Working in hospitality is a great place to learn new — or develop existing — skills.

No two days are ever the same, and new challenges can arise at any time. 

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of hospitality, conflict resolution and problem solving is a vital skill. 

You’ll also develop skills in effective communication, and handling pressure during busier periods.

Dealing with a high volume of customers can help you to refine your customer service skills, leading to improved guest satisfaction and repeat business.

You can also learn important life skills, such as dealing with money, first-aid, food hygiene, and people management.

Waiter Staff

Working for Billesley Manor

Pursuing a career in hospitality exposes you to a world of endless possibilities.

At Billesley Manor, our departments work closely together to provide our guests with a seamless journey from booking to checkout, and a  luxury,  home-from-home experience during their stay.

If you’d like to hear more about joining our Billesley Manor team, please contact a member of staff today at +44 (0) 1789279955.

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