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Celebrating Shakespeare | Our Top Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows

Celebrating Shakespeare | Our Top Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows

Are you a self-confessed theatre lover? Situated in Shakespeare’s hometown, we have an array of fun things to do in our local area. With the timeless bard’s birthday fast approaching, what better way to pay homage than by sharing our top Stratford Upon Avon theatre shows? Keep reading to discover some of our favourite upcoming performances:
Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Warwickshire

Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: Introducing the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

At Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa, we’re a stone’s throw away from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Located in the picturesque town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the world-renowned theatre offers a variety of performances, including Shakespeare's plays, modern works, and musicals. Its stunning main auditorium can seat up to 1,018 people, and offers excellent views from every angle. 

In our opinion, the theatre is a must-visit for anyone interested in theatre or Shakespeare's works!

Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: A written excerpt of Hamlet

Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: Next Generation Hamlet

Are you looking for unforgettable Stratford Upon Avon theatre shows?

If so, look no further than the upcoming Next Generation Hamlet show at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre! 

Directed by Paul Ainsworth, the Next Generation Company will present their interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in The Other Place.

The innovative performance will take place at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre between 28th-29th July 2023.

Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: A statue of William Shakespeare

Stratford Upon Avon Theatre Shows: As You Like It

Prepare to be swept away by the magic of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’.

If you’re looking for Stratford Upon Avon theatre shows, this charming comedy is a must-see! In Director Omar Elerian’s playful new take, a company of established RSC actors perform one of Shakespeare’s most joyous tales.

Combined with the stunning backdrop of the auditorium, this production offers an unforgettable experience.

So, why not venture down to the Royal Shakespeare theatre between 17th June-5th August to see this popular rendition?

The front view of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Shakespeare’s Most Famous Play: Macbeth

A list of top Stratford Upon Avon theatre shows wouldn’t be complete without Macbeth!

Perfect for those who prefer a night of heart-pumping drama, award-winning director Wils Wilsons’ RSC debut, Macbeth, combines murder, superstition and madness. 

Known for being one of Shakespeare’s most enduringly popular plays, this gripping performance is excellent for those seeking an evening of nail-biting tension.

Running from August 19th to October 14th, this timeless thriller will delight Shakespeare fans and sceptics alike! 

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Our historical country manor in Stratford Upon Avon is just a 13-minute drive from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, making it the perfect spot for a midweek treat or a lavish weekend escape.

With an illustrious history dating back to the 11th century, Willian Shakespeare regularly frequented our Warwickshire house. 

Legend has it that he found plenty of inspiration for his plays (including "As You Like It") whilst chilling in our cosy nooks! So, why not come down and see some of them for yourself?

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