Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa Stratford-upon-Avon - Meet Our Housekeeping Manager, Greg Austin | Discover Roles in Hospitality
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Meet Our Housekeeping Manager, Greg Austin | Discover Roles in Hospitality

Meet Our Housekeeping Manager, Greg Austin | Discover Roles in Hospitality

Are you considering a role in hospitality? Discover the crucial role of housekeeping in the hospitality sector as our Housekeeping Manager, Greg Austin, shares his insights into working at Billesley Manor. Check out our blog to learn more about Greg and his role at Billesley…

Our Housekeeping Manager | Greg Austin

Housekeeping plays a significant role in shaping the first impressions of guests.

Clean and well-maintained rooms create a positive image of our hotel, and contribute to overall guest satisfaction.

Satisfied guests are more likely to return and recommend our hotel to others, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

Greg Austin, our Housekeeping Manager, has worked for Billesley Manor for over a year now, and is a pivotal part of the Billesley team.

His leadership position involves overseeing housekeeping staff and coordinating various tasks to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the hotel.

Working at Billesley Manor: Hotel bedroom

Working at Billesley Manor | The Role of a Housekeeping Manager

The role of a hotel Housekeeping Manager covers a range of duties including balancing leadership, operational management, and guest satisfaction.

When we asked Greg what his favourite aspect of his role here at Billesley Manor, he said: “Coming in and ensuring the hotel looks amazing!”

Greg’s position requires strong organisational and communication skills, attention to detail and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and service.

“I enjoy making sure each of our rooms are perfect and having a challenge everyday.”

When working in housekeeping, challenges can arise from operational issues to guest-related concerns; however, these help to keep the role varied and provide you with opportunities to develop skills in problem solving.

Billesley Manor bar from above

Advice From Our Housekeeping Manager

Working in hospitality can be both demanding and rewarding, offering a range of advantages. 

This fast-paced environment provides a constant stream of challenges and opportunities, keeping you engaged and fulfilled.

When asked about what advice Greg would give to someone considering a job in housekeeping, he said: “It’s not just about cleaning! It’s about being organised, reliable, having a strong attention to detail and good communication skills.”

The responsibilities of a Housekeeping Manager also covers staff supervision and training, scheduling and resource management, quality control, budget management, communication with other departments and adherence to standards and regulations.

Benefits of Working at Billesley Manor

Billesley Manor is a family unit, with all of our departments working collectively to provide our guests with an exceptional experience.

Greg said “Working as a team is efficient and helps to provide each of our guests with the best experience.”

In hospitality, collaborative teamwork ensures that hotel operations run smoothly.

Departments coordinate tasks, share information and work together to address challenges, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

A well-coordinated team can respond quickly and efficiently to resolve issues and challenges that can arise suddenly, preventing them from escalating and impacting the overall guest experience.

Undergoing Refurbishment

Set in 11 acres of Warwickshire parkland, our 16th century manor house has recently undergone refurbishment, refreshing our bedrooms, restaurant, spa and event spaces.

Marking the next chapter, the extensive refurbishment has given our hotel a new look while maintaining our Elizabethan home’s historic charm.

Greg said his favourite part of the refurbishment was “Seeing the transformation.”

After a much anticipated wait, it’s great to see the vision coming together and the incredible work that has been put into this refurbishment.

Here at Billesley Manor, we’re excited to welcome guests to enjoy our transformed Hotel.

Recommendations From Our Housekeeping Manager

With 71 bedrooms available at Billesley Manor, you’ll find the perfect stay for your weekend getaway.

We asked Greg, what’s your favourite bedroom and why?

He stated; “My favourite bedroom is room 9 as it has everything, with a great view and stunning decor. It’s located within the main house and is close to every area you could want to use, making it the ideal room!”

From nice and cosy classic rooms to Manor House superior rooms, we have rooms to cater for all needs.

Contact a member of our team today to begin planning your perfect stay. 

Alternatively, why not check out our recent blog on the benefits of pursuing a career in hospitality?


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